KEY 01


Directly convert units using the in keyword or use values with different units directly and let funcially handle the rest.
Furthermore, a variety of currencies are supported, with the conversion data being updated regularly.

Unit prefixes such as k, m or G can be used in front of any unit, and even on their own. Using a /, two units can be combined, with conversions still supported (e.g. km/h).

KEY 02


Define variables to store values behind a name. Use them anywhere in a calculation line.


Use a familiar syntax to define functions with any number of arguments. Call them from anywhere with plain numbers, other calculations, variables, or even other functions in the arguments.

KEY 03


Directly plot single-argument functions in an infinite space. Quickly show and hide the plot using the button in the top bar and change its width by dragging its border. Then enable and disable the functions directly next to the other results.

KEY 04

Equation solving

Have an unknown in your equation? Fear no more! funcially can automatically solve linear equations for the ? placed anywhere in it. The solved value can also be assigned to a variable by putting the variable’s name in front of the question mark.